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Techcrunch » Blog Archive » The Online Storage Gang

by kasi77 & 14 others
The online storage market is evolving fast. In the past, users could expect no more than a simple service where files could be slowly uploaded and downloaded from a mapped virtual drive or a simple web based interface. Little competition (and the bursting of the bubble) led to very high prices for a minimal amount of storage.

Amazon S3 Resource Center

by jasonbentley
Browse the resource center for code samples, documentation, release notes, and more information to help you build innovative applications. Subscribe to RSS feeds or set up e-mail watches to be alerted of the latest developments for this service.

June 2006


by MLChen & 2 others
協助你把一份影像檔給丟到一大堆 video sharing 網站

May 2006

Glide Effortless ~ Discover the Magic of Compatibility and Integration

by slogoo & 12 others
Glide Effortless是一个可以上传各类文件的服务平台. 相片, MP3, 视频, 文字, PPT和PDF文件均可上传. 上传的用户可以对这些内容拥有完全的控制权, 文件一经上传, 系统就马上将其转换成在线的预览

Ourmedia Homepage | Ourmedia

by slogoo & 30 others
OurMedia免费存储各类视频, 音频, 图片, 文本, 甚至软件的平台.

Welcome To Grouper

by slogoo & 25 others
无缝导入,编辑和共享你的视频文件的平台. v2.0的Grouper, 只适用于Windows系统, 要求下载一个客户端, 可以无限量上传图片和视频文件, 任何内容可以被设置成公开, 私密或对特定人群开放. 内容发布

TotoExpress™ - Securely send and receive large files online

by slogoo & 6 others
Totoexpress, 通过互联网为客户发送和接收大容量文件的安全有效的方法.

Streamload - Free Online Storage - Share Videos and Photos - Online MP3 Storage and Access

by slogoo & 32 others
StreamLoad, 个性化, 安全的存放, 归类, 共享和重新获取视频, 图片, 音乐以及其他各类文件的网站.

TRUESHARE | ONLINE FILE STORAGE | FILE SHARING | INTERNET HARD DRIVE | OFFSITE BACKUPS | FILE STORAGE | SEND LARGE FILES | SECURE FILE TRANSFERS | Online storage, online backup, online file storage, virtual hard drive, unlimited storage, web backup, send

by slogoo & 1 other
TrueShare商务级的在线文件管理和备份服务. 允许无限量用户使用. 可以发送, 接收, 备份, 存储和获取各种文件类型. 可以为不同的客户创建不同的文件目录, 并可跟踪文件的使用情况. 每月30美元提

Newsvine - Get Smarter Here

by slogoo & 49 others
Newsvine正式上线. Newsvine集合了其他类似网站如Digg等的优秀功能, 同时具有聊天&评论的功能. 用户在上面有很好的社会性新闻的体验. 网站同时还在计划与新闻提供者进行收入分享的机制.


by kleverson & 11 others
Omnidrive is what you expect hosted storage to be - easy to use, accessible from anywhere and unrestrictive. Omnidrive will make your life easier by allowing you to store, access and stream your files from almost any web connected platform.


by kleverson & 29 others

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