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03 January 2006

Free online file storage/sending

by YukuanMark & 33 others
Back in May, I posted an article about YouSendIt, a free e-mail-based file sending service. If you’ve ever had to send large files and don’t have access to FTP, or the person you’re sending to doesn’t, this type of service is a fantastic resource.

02 January 2006

27 December 2005

22 December 2005


by kalley & 8 others (via)
文件分享 简洁,快速,而且免费!

21 December 2005

20 December 2005


by 1ee & 8 others
文件分享 简洁,快速,而且免费!

DropSend | Email large files easily and securely

by kalley & 24 others (via)
不但具有非常良好的操作界面及操作方法,并且它有一项独特的功能,那就是允许你将网络硬盘里的东西发送至任意一个邮箱。也就是说,你上传了一个 200MB的文件,你也可以马上通过轻轻一个点击,就可将它发送到指定的邮箱里。这对于需要发送超大文件的朋友而言,无疑是一个极好的消息。因为目前的邮箱绝大多数都会在附件容量上作限制,让你无法通过邮箱发送过大的文件。 容量为250MB,无月费,但每个月只能发送5次文件。当然,上传文件的尺寸是不受限制的(最大和容量一样)。界面非常的友好,和windows里的资源管理器差不多,操作非常的简便。最重要的是它有即时显示进度的功能,就像从U盘copy文件到硬盘上一样,让你完全掌握它的进度。 作为一个网络硬盘,它并不能对外提供共享。它就像一个在线的U盘,用来代替你的真实U盘,省却很多的麻烦。 来代替U盘,那的确也是一个不错的办法。但是使用Gmail Drive,你至少需要在两台电脑里都安装一次Gmail Drive,并且上传的文件也会受到Gmail附件大小的限制(10MB)。而使用DropSend,只需电脑能上网即可,方便很多。如果你觉得 250MB的容量不够大,当然可以通过支付一定的费用获得无限容量和无限发送的功能。不过一般建议的做法是:使用多个邮箱地址,注册多个免费的帐号,这样一来,就等于获得了更大的容量和更多的发送次数。

12 December 2005

10 December 2005

29 November 2005

4shared : free file sharing and storage

by cascamorto & 1 other (via)
4shared is your free 100Mb virtual drive on the Internet. 4shared enables you to store, access, share, and email your files whenever and wherever you need. An intuitive windows-style web application designed for your web browser allows you to access your virtual drive from any machine with an Internet connection. You can easily store and access your favorite images, music, video, documents, software, anything.

01 September 2005

Put File

by kalley & 27 others
# Upload Video, Flash, and Images # .jpg .gif .png - 2mb # .wmv .avi .mpg .mov .asf .asx .swf .3g2 .mp4 - 10mb # .mp3 .wav .mid - 10mb # NEW FILETYPES: .3g2 .mp4 .mp3 .wav .mid uploading and downloading speed untested.hotlinking files not allowed and no d


by kalley & 11 others
You can upload photos, audio, video, documents or anything else you want to send. The maximum file size is 250 MB.although i have heard people complaining about the uploading and downloading speed there.more than 1 simultaneous downloads permitted.timecou


by kalley
The site says there's No Size Limit, Upload Any Type of File and No Download Limits. But I've tested with 30MB file and it's upload/download speeds are also quite good


by kalley
50MB for Movies, 30MB upload limit for other files. But havent tested download speed.


by kalley
100MB upload limit, though uploading speed is not appreciated


by kalley & 1 other
you must first register for a free account (no email confirmation) to upload.You can upload as many files as you like in any format. You have UNLIMITED storage space.Once the file is uploaded, you will be asked to fill out the basic file details.The uploa


by kalley
50 megabyte upload limit with unlimited downloads, files hosted for 7 days


by kalley & 120 others
"email"很大的文件. 把此文件上传至网站, 告诉网站你要发给的email地址, 收件人将收到一个链接, 通过该链接他/她可以下载此文件.最大可上传的文件为1G.单个邮件中不能发送多个文件, 可发送压缩文件, 现提供的免费服务中, 允许单一文件在一周内可以下载25次


by kalley & 14 others, 1 comment
5 gigabyte upload limit with unlimited downloads, files hosted for unlimited time with purchase of an account. 15 day trial is free (thus, the file will expire in 15 days unless purchase of a premium account).I dont think you want to know more

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