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NAS Adapter from Addonics

by oseres (via)
The Addonics NAS Adapter is a convenient and economical solution for adding any USB storage devices onto your LAN (Local Area Network). Once on the network, the USB storage can be shared by any network user, just like an ordinary NAS device. When use in conjunction with Addonics Storage Towers or Storage Racks, a Multi-Tera bytes storage with various RAID capabilities can be instantly added to the LAN. With the NAS adapter, you can custom build you own NAS appliance with RAID capability and plenty of storage expansion using Addonics family of Drive Enclosures, Port Multipliers, and IO converters. Come built-in with a USB 2.0/1.1 connection and a fast Ethernet 10/100Mbps connection, the NAS adapter supports both SMB (Server Message Block) and the open source Samba network protocols, allowing for cross-platform access of all shared data for most versions of Windows, Mac OS X, and various Linux distributions. For remote users who are not connected over the LAN, the NAS Adapter provides FTP access for up to 8 simultaneous users anywhere in the world with an internet connection. In addition, the NAS adapter can also be used as a print server or as a Bit-Torrent downloading appliance.



How I automated my backups to Amazon S3 using s3sync. | John Eberly’s Geek Blog

by nhoizey & 2 others (via)
I wanted a simple low level tool to perform automatic backups S3. I decided to use s3sync to do the heavy lifting and use the jets3t Cockpit GUI to monitor my S3 account. The following explains how I successfully started automating my backups to S3 using s3sync and cockpit.

JungleDisk and Amazon S3: Secure, Redundant, Encrypted Backup | Andy Wibbels

by nhoizey (via)
When first announced, S3 didn't make much of a splash with consumers because there weren't any applications for it yet - it was simply a service waiting for the geeks to write something fantastic for it. That fantastic application is here: JungleDisk.


Apple .Mac

by ycc2106 & 2 others
Mac is more than just an e-mail service, it’s an entire package from Apple. For $99 a year, you’ll net yourself an e-mail address that ends in “”. If this cool moniker isn’t enough to turn you over to the side of Jobs, the additional features of this service will. You can publish photos for everyone to see, have a personal webpage hosted for you without the need to worry about bandwidth, keep multiple Macs in sync with each other, have blogging capabilities, get free storage with iDisk for backing up files, and a whole lot more. Though $99 may seem a bit expensive at first glance, remember what you’ll be getting with it. This e-mail service is not recommended for Windows users since you won’t be able to take full advantage of the .Mac services offered.

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