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Results: Most Popular CMS in Technorati's Top 100

by springnet
Simply put, we found that WordPress dominates the list, that Movable Type comes in with a respectable second, and the rest are either custom jobbies or a smattering of other platforms which are, relatively speaking, eating dust.


RobotReplay - The Next Generation of Web Analytics

by ycc2106 & 4 others
RobotReplay lets you record and watch your website visitors in action. View recorded sessions of every mouse movement, click and keystroke


Pheedo :: Advertising solutions

by ycc2106 & 4 others
Pheedo’s stats are more aimed at RSS advertising, but you can get stats on your feed circulation and how much revenue you’re generating from your ads.


Just Jessica - TransTraffic

by gweb & 1 other
a new link share system for the blogging community (but works on any website), it tells you how many visitors are active on your site and what other sites they are looking at.


by gweb & 2 others
The Eh List collects statistics abouts your blog from all around the blogosphere.

Measure Map

by gweb & 6 others
Measure Map provides free, easy stats for your blog.

by gweb & 7 others
Real time Blog Analytics

Free Blog Counters / Web Counters / Hit Counters / Web Stats / BlogPatrol

by svartling & 5 others (via)
# Free site statistics, reports, and graphs on Visitor Activity and Technology in real time for your blog. # Unique visitors report for last 12 days including daily visitor forecasts based on previous activity. # Top 25 referrers including search engines, respective visitor counts, and last 20 referrers. # Top 25 keywords and last 20 keywords used to find your site. # Operating systems, web browsers, and screen resolutions in use by visitors. # Detailed analysis of the 25 most recent visitors, including IP and date/time.



by gweb & 5 others
Free comprehensive site statistics

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