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Test Pilot: Tab Open/Close Study: Results

by ycc2106
How much time do you spend on the Web through your browser every day? More time than you spend in your car? How do you use your browser in the morning, the afternoon, the evening, the weekend? Do you use it the same way now as you used it a year ago? Is your browser robust enough to work for you smoothly all the time?

showslow - Google Code

by Xavier Lacot (via)
Displays data collected by YSlow about websites performance. Might be useful for collecting data from testers during Users Acceptance Tests.



firefox on nytimes

by ryanne
[thursday, 16 december 2004] There is an alternative: Mozilla Firefox! 10,000 Firefox enthusiasts make history: Two-Page Mozilla Firefox Advertisement to Run in Tomorrow's 'New York Times'!!! :) Result of the largest open source fundraising campaign in hi

25 million in 99 days

by ryanne
[thursday, 17 february 2005] 25,000,000 downloads 99 days

firefox nearing 50,000,000 downloads!!!!!

by ryanne
[saturday, 30 april 2005] witnessing the 50,000,000th download!!!!!!!!!!

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