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April 2010

Risk and Startups

by ghis (via)
How to manage risk in startups.

March 2010

6 Tips for Building Relationships with Journalists

by oseres
I was over at Robert Scoble’s blog Sunday night reading about the “Death of the Great Startup Launch.”  I’m not 100% sure that I understood his core thesis but I *think* it was that startup events such as Demo force such a zone of secrecy about what you’re working on (with a threat of being kicked out of the event for leaking your story) that they kill the ability for most companies to dazzle people with a great company launch and doesn’t allow journalists to triangulate with others in the market before going to press.  Oh, and Demo charges the startups $18,000.  Robert’s article is worth reading.

February 2010

Launch: StartupList — a new way to reach angels - Venture Hacks @venturehacks

by oseres
Today, we’re launching a cool new way to get intros to these angels: StartupList. It’s a weekly email we send to AngelList, with 3 high-quality startups who want intros. Here’s how it works: you send us your pitch, we review it and, every Monday, we email the best 3 startups of the week to AngelList.

January 2010

December 2009

November 2009

You don't really need those features... yet. - garry's posterous

by greut

I need to remind myself of this sometimes. We are just getting started. There are must-haves and there are nice-to-haves. And the things that are burning in your heart to get into the product may not always fall into must-have.