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Les e-mails en HTML c'est difficile

by nhoizey
Ce n'est pas nouveau comme le montre ce workshop du W3C de 2007, et ça ne va pas dans le bon sens avec Outlook 2010... :-(


Robert’s talk » WYSIWYG Hell

by nhoizey & 1 other (via)
Something we really agreed on is the lack of respect CMS manufacturers show their clients when they create administrative interfaces that only work in IE on a PC. As if that wasn’t enough, their WYSIWYG editors generate terrible and invalid code that cannot be presented as strict HTML or XHTML. We’re talking about editors that generate deprecated tags, upper-case tags, attribute values without quotes, invalid attributes and so on. Basically, worthless code that also (as to top it off) isn’t well-formed, hence impossible to use in a stricter XHTML/XML scenario.

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