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Ambilight for video tag

by nhoizey
Le même effet d'une TV Philips en pur JavaScript. Nécessite un navigateur moderne...

Ceci n'est pas du Flash ou du Silverlight

by nhoizey & 1 other, 1 comment
Voilà ce qu'on arrive aujourd'hui à faire en utilisant les standards du Web. A condition d'avoir un navigateur qui les supporte...


ARIA: Accessible Rich Internet Applications - MDC

by nhoizey & 1 other
ARIA, formerly known as DHTML accessibility, is a standard being developed at W3C - World Wide Web Consortium


OpenSocial - Google Code

by parmentierf & 6 others (via)
OpenSocial provides a common set of APIs for social applications across multiple websites. With standard JavaScript and HTML, developers can create apps that access a social network's friends and update feeds.

Ext FileTree Widget Example by Saki

by camel & 2 others
FileTreePanel is client-server application where client (browser) provides the user interface (UI) which displays the tree and context menu, handles drag & drop operations, etc. The filesystem that is displayed and managed by the UI is stored on a server. Therefore, we need some communication layer between client and server. Client sends a command to server, server processes this command and responds with a result. Client in turn processes the response and display results. All this communication is running in the background by Ajax (XMLHttpRequest) calls. The XMLHttpRequest is not used directly but the Ext JS - JavaScript Library ajax layer is used for this purpose. Client requests data from server with standard POST method and server is expected to respond with JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) string and appropriate HTTP headers.

XRAY :: for web developers

by nhoizey & 15 others
XRAY is a bookmarklet for Safari, Firefox, Camino or Mozilla. Use it to see the box model for any element.

S5: A Simple Standards-Based Slide Show System

by pyxosledisciple & 26 others
slide show format based entirely on XHTML, CSS, and JavaScript

presentacular - Adding effects to S5 with

by nhoizey & 18 others (via)
Presentacular adds visual effects to slide shows created with S5. It has the same advantages than S5 for creating slide shows: printer-friendly version, simple and semantic markup and portable across the most modern browsers.

swfIR: swf Image Replacement

by nhoizey & 25 others
swfIR (swf Image Replacement) is here to solve some of the design limitations of the standard HTML image and its widely-accepted associated CSS values, while still supporting standards-based design concepts. Using the dark arts of JavaScript and Flash, swfIR gives you the ability to apply an assortment of visual effects to any or all images on your website. Through progressive enhancement, it looks through your page and can easily add some new flavor to standard image styling.

Le JavaScript non intrusif par l'exemple

by maxxyme & 2 others
Nettoyez vos pages HTML des codes JavaScript, et apprenez à utiliser la puissance du DOM pour créer des évènements stockés dans un fichier externe.

JonDesign's (Javascript) SmoothGallery: Mootools Mojo for Images | What is it ?

by nhoizey & 11 others
Using mootools v1.0, this javascript gallery and slideshow system allows you to have simple and smooth (cross-fading...) image galleries, slideshows, showcases and other cool stuff on your website...


CSS News : CSS Web standard et l'accessibilité xhtml css

by oblik (via)
CSS News : Regroupement d'informations sur le CSS, le Web standard, et l'accessibilité.

Annuaire WebOnorme sur les standards du web et l'accessibilité web

by parmentierf & 12 others (via)
Webonorme est un annuaire de ressources francophones sur les standards du web et l'accessibilité des technologies de l'information.


ECMA-262 - ECMAScript standard, 3rd edition (1999)

by ecmanaut
The ECMAScript (ECMA-262) standard specification.

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