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January 2005

PHP REST SQL: A HTTP REST interface to MySQL written in PHP

by mbertier & 3 others (via)
PHP REST SQL is a class used to open a HTTP REST interface to a MySQL database using PHP and a HTTP server. Using standard HTTP requests, the data in a database can be created, retrieved, modified and deleted.

SQL Support in Mozilla

by mbertier (via)
Native SQL support for Mozilla

SQL - Représentation intervallaire des arborescences

by fredbird & 3 others
une implementation SQL efficace pour les structures de données arborescentes

December 2004

MySQL Gotchas

by jmfontaine & 6 others
Un site qui liste un certain nombre de pièges liés àdes comportements erronés ou inattendus de MySQL

Postfix Enabler

by masukomi
single click enablign of postifix on your box... now send via localhost wherever you are

November 2004

MySQLinks | Main

by Pandora
A links management system utilizing the power of php and mysql database.

October 2004

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