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by ycc2106 & 4 others is a "Neighborhood Watch" campaign aimed at fighting badware. We will seek to provide reliable, objective information about downloadable applications in order to help consumers to make better choices about what they download on to their co


Spywarelocked can send spyware to your PC

by alfzurkin
Processes, DLL files, Registry files and other various files and directories are installed by SpywareLocked during the infection process. To manually remove you may need to locate and remove these files .

Legally Connecticut

by Moonaire
A comic strip about the substitute teacher that's facing 40 years of prison time for being a victim to spyware.


No Adware

by smithkarl
News and articles about spyware, adware and security online. Latest information to protect your online experience from different expert authors.

CP Secure appliances defend networks from viruses and spyware

by jay
One of the best ways to defend a corporate network from the vast amounts of spyware and other malware running rampant on the web today, is to install a gateway scanning appliance like those provided by CP Secure ( These appliances stop malware at the internet gateway, before it ever enters the network, so desktop security programs are left with very little work to do. Some malware still does occasionally get in - especially if notebooks or other mobile devices often connect to the network - so these gateway appliances work best in conjunction with other security solutions such as a firewall, intrusion detection/prevention, desktop AV and anti-spyware. But the best thing about CP Secure's appliances is they don't require network reconfiguration - just install the appliance and turn it on. You will immediately see the huge amounts of malware being blocked before it ever reaches your computers.

Security Cadets

by AndyAtHull & 1 other
Security Cadets offers the latest news and information. HijackThis Logs and Analysis at your fingertips in a forum where you can receive free help.

by jackysee & 4 others (via)
Badware 包括 spyware, malware, deceptive adware 等等,安裝後只會為你帶來麻煩的軟件,這是個 Badware 的資訊搜集網站

Whitedust: Future Trends of Malware

by HandySolo
Find time to read this. See if there's any meat there.



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