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January 2008

Merlin Mann

by springnet
Merline Mann's blog SF CA of 43 Folders and MacBreak Weekly nailing down speaking gigs including sxsw 08 creator of 5ives

I, Cringely . The Pulpit . Google-Mart | PBS

by springnet
in a secret area off-limits even to regular GoogleFolk, is a shipping container. But it isn't just any shipping container. This shipping container is a prototype data center. Google hired a pair of very bright industrial designers to figure out how to cra

December 2006

November 2006

Performance and versaility. Dimension E521 – Only $429!

by springnet
Dimension E521 — Only $429! Get great desktop performance, along with scalability to grow with your business. Right now, get a feature-packed DimensionTM E521 desktop, including a 17-inch flat panel monitor and a CD/DVD burner, for just $429. Hurry! Of

Dell OptiPlex GX150 Desktop Fall Fest Extravaganza Deal

by springnet
Krazy Keith has done it again, and he’s calling it “Krazy Keiths Fall Fest PC Extravaganza Deal”. A couple of years ago, Krazy Keith was banned from publicly recognizing any holiday, not Halloween, not Christmas, not Hanukah, not Easter, not even F

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