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November 2007

gOS - Home

by springnet & 2 others
an alternative os for the masses

June 2007

Big WebOS roundup - 10 online operating systems reviewed

by springnet & 8 others
WebOS is a virtual operating system that runs in your web browser. More precisely, it’s a set of applications running in a web browser that together mimic, replace or largely supplement a desktop OS environment.

Another 10 web operating systems reviewed

by springnet
a WebOS is defined as virtual operating system that runs in a web browser environement. Don’t like WebOS? Well, call it OnlineOS, or WebTop if you like.

May 2007

Posts tagged OLPC at Engadget

by springnet
The Global Desktop is part of Red Hat's involvement with the One Laptop Per Child project, but it'll also be supported on Intel's range of lower specification and cost computer line; if your wish is to replace Microsoft's little OS.

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