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March 2008

Twitter / Scobleizer

by springnet
I am interviewing Amazon's Werner Vogels on Thursday at under the radar conference. Scoble minute by minute on twitter


by springnet & 5 others
The WorldWide Telescope (WWT) is a rich visualization environment that functions as a virtual telescope, bringing together imagery from the best ground and space telescopes in the world for a seamless, guided exploration of the universe.

February 2008

Works 9.0 release near; Microsoft mum on whether Google Docs killer in wings

by springnet
The latest update to Microsoft Corp.'s Works productivity software is expected to go on sale Wednesday amid renewed speculation that the long-standing, low-end counterpart to Microsoft Office is also being groomed to take on Google Inc. in the online offi

June 2007

Free Article -

by springnet
full transcript of Bill Gates and Steve Jobs interview in the Wall Street Journal

May 2007

Microsoft unveils revolutionary device - Surface

by springnet
When you place your wi-fi enabled digital camera on the table, for example, Surface ‘sees’ the camera and does something extraordinary... images spill out in to a pool of color

Posts tagged OLPC at Engadget

by springnet
The Global Desktop is part of Red Hat's involvement with the One Laptop Per Child project, but it'll also be supported on Intel's range of lower specification and cost computer line; if your wish is to replace Microsoft's little OS.

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