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May 2008

Ayman Hourieh's Blog

by springnet
thoughts on Open Source software, Computer Science, and various bits from my life and the web.

March 2008 Jahshaka

by springnet & 1 other
Jahshaka is a video and film compositing, editing and special fx system that uses OpenGL & OpenML hardware rendering to give operators real time interactivity. The system is cross platform, and also includes full CG, paint and image processing modules.

chrisbrogan's bookmarks on

by springnet
remarkably relevant bookmarks on business, software, art, design, learning, linux, web 2.0, gtd, howto, research, acme, illustration, entrepreneur, podcasting, dly, bsmin, podcast, graphics, bizinbox, blogs, wordpress, blog, mp3, photos, rss, free, etc.

February 2008 :: CLI Magic: Linux troubleshooting tools 101

by springnet
When something goes wrong with your Linux-based system, you can try to diagnose it yourself with the many troubleshooting tools bundled with the operating system. Knowing about these tools, and how to effectively use them, can help you overcome many of th

Urchin Software from Google

by springnet
Urchin Software from Google analyzes traffic for one or more websites and provides easy-to-understand reports on your visitors - where they come from, how they use your site, what converts them into customers, and much more. If

January 2008

Perfect 7.1 ubuntu gutsy gibbon install

by springnet & 1 other
One of the best guides for install gutsy gibbon ubuntu 7.1 excellent! | Products & Services

by springnet
Virtualization provides an escape from this very problem. The existing stack can continue to run as is as a guest inside a virtual machine, while the latest hypervisor happily supports the new hardware, as well as bringing benefits in reliability and perf

by springnet & 2 others
linux pvr or personal video recorder or dvr digital video recorder

November 2007

October 2007

August 2007

Convert Physical Windows Systems Into Virtual Machines To Be Run On A Linux Desktop | HowtoForge - Linux Howtos and Tutorials

by springnet & 2 others
how you can convert a physical Windows system (XP, 2003, 2000, NT4 SP4+) into a VMware virtual machine with the free VMware Converter Starter. The resulting virtual machine can be run in the free VMware Player and VMware Server, and also in VMware Worksta

SRV-1 Mobile Robotic Webcam with Zigbee

by springnet
remotely-controlled webcam or self-navigating autonomous robot, the SRV-1 can be managed from a Windows, Mac OS/X or Linux base station, and the Java-based console software includes a built-in web server to monitor and control the SRV-1 via a web browser

Download at HandBrake

by springnet & 1 other
HandBrake is an open-source, GPL-licensed, multiplatform, multithreaded DVD to MPEG-4 converter, available for MacOS X, Linux and Windows.

July 2007

Pidgin - Trac

by springnet
Pidgin is a graphical IM program that lets you sign on to AIM, Jabber, MSN, Yahoo!, and other IM networks. It uses GTK+. It was formerly called Gaim.

by springnet
author site of floola, the ipoda alternative

June 2007

The Linux Alternative Project -

by springnet & 6 others
Linux Alternative Project (formally the Linux Equivalent Project). The goal is to provide an informational website for all linux users. I will be periodically updating the database with Windows software and the Linux equivalents and alternatives.

gtwitter - Google Code

by springnet & 3 others
GTK+ based app for Linux written using Mono/C# and Gnome Libraries. Twitterific - like. Post to Twitter from Ubuntu Deskbar

by springnet
Deskbar is a Gnome widget you can embed in a panel and can be used for opening applications, opening items from your browser history, doing web searches and all sorts

May 2007

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