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wordTube at alex.rabe

by springnet
playlist demo of several media files. wordTube supports streaming video format (Format .flv or .swf), sound files as MP3 and JPG, GIF or PNG grafic files. With wordTube you insert it into your blog with the tag [MEDIA=ID] or as playlist [MYPLAYLIST=ID].

October 2007

WyldRyde IRC Network - Add a Chatroom To Your Web Site

by springnet
"This is actually what Lockergnome is using...we're using the WyldRyde IRC Network...we've got a nice little Java applet that pops up in the browser window...Its fantastic, I would consider using virtually no other chat software at this point. It works!

August 2007

AppleTV Flash Mashup

by springnet
fantastic video mashup... very compelling design and look feel.... cool

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