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2009 - Beware of cheap imitations

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pamCop determines the origin of unwanted email and reports it to the relevant Internet service providers. By reporting spam, you have a positive impact on the problem. Reporting unsolicited email also helps feed spam filtering systems, including, but not limited to, SpamCop's own service.

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check rumors - see if it's true


The Spamhaus Project

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WORKING TO PROTECT INTERNET NETWORKS WORLDWIDE Spamhaus tracks the Internet's Spammers, Spam Gangs and Spam Services, provides dependable realtime anti-spam protection for Internet networks, and works with Law Enforcement to identify and pursue spammers worldwide. Spamhaus maintains a number of realtime spam-blocking databases ('DNSBLs') responsible daily for keeping back the vast majority of spam sent out on the internet. These include the Spamhaus Block List (SBL), the Exploits Block List (XBL) and the Policy Block List (PBL). These DNSBLs are today used by the majority of the Internet's Email Service Providers, Corporations, Universities, Governments and Military networks. Annotated link

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