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January 2007

GD Map - A tool to visualize disk space

by clochix
GdMap is a tool which allows to visualize disk space.

November 2006

jlesage's reviews

by jlesage
my tagcloud from stumbleupon; just discovered I could import my delicious tags and comments there. Stumbleupon is my newest obsessively visited site.

Welcome to Transparency

by jlesage & 1 other
"interprets and critiques movies and television, news and political rhetoric, theme parks and advertising, computer games and the Internet, and other creations of contemporary culture"

Local consumption cultures in a globalizing world by Peter Jackson

by jlesage
Focusing on the resilience of distinctive local consumption cultures, with evidence from three contrasting consumption cultures: consumption and 'public culture' in India, 'consumer nationalism' in China, and 'artful consumption' in Russia.

Geographies of Responsibility by Doreen Massey

by jlesage
on political implications of considering space within political discussions of responsibility and identity

Neoliberalizing Space

by jlesage
essay on updating space-place theory for contemporary economics

Video History Project: Resources

by jlesage
information from/about practitioners and groups of videomakers; technical explanations of early video formats and equipment


by jlesage
a page of links to visual illusions and their explanations; kids love these

The Dead - Billy Collins Animated Poem

by jlesage
video by Juan Delcan; model for students about good uses of new form of production and exhibition

Newest Webcams

by jlesage & 12 others
random live webcams from the net, a new kind of documentary media, mostly surveillance

Roadside Architecture

by jlesage
documenting roadside architecture in the US, under many whacky categories; this is a favorite theme of mine in photography

October 2006

) ) ) torres21 ( ( (

by jlesage
artist and teacher's web site; under "digital storytelling" are wonderful quicktime movies, often from South America or in Latino USA, with subtitles; an exemplar of documentaries on the Internet

New Urbanism

by jlesage
website and organization promoting good urbanism, sustainable development, smart transportation, and transit oriented development.

Imaginary Museum Projects - Tjebbe van Tijen

by jlesage & 1 other
innovative uses of image and text in a wide range of projects, many cultural and historical, to create an uniquely online museum-like experience


by jlesage
manufacturing processes, labor conditions, and environmental issues involved in the production of contemporary goods

Swarming Media

by jlesage
blog that give good reports on conferences and reviews of books, often on digital culture

Rob Shields | Publications

by jlesage
many full text essays on space, including online space

Critique of Ranking and Listing; Exchange with Kenneth C. Werbin

by jlesage
"Our increasing emphasis on quantitative reductions, like ranking lists, at the expense of critically engaged qualitative thought, can be seen as bottom-line strategies for efficiently navigating our increasingly .. networked cybernetic order."

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