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November 2006

Imagining the Internet

by jlesage & 1 other
popular site from Pew Internet Project; allows people to make predictions, read predictions from the 90s; nice for kids

Links to cultural studies syllabi

by jlesage
from the Cultural Studies L site, a listerv and a source of other resources as well

activelearning strategies

by jlesage
a philosophy of education that relies on simulations, role plays, real world activities; practical tips and bibliography

Geography courses with websites Valparaiso University

by jlesage
Geography courses, both present and past, with exercises, links, bibliography. Also see Urban Studies and American Indian Studies. Understanding place as cultural should inform both fiction and non-fiction film.

What Can We Do With Flickr? on Flickr - Photo Sharing!

by jlesage
how to create hotspots with popup notes on Flickr. Very useful for image analysis and assignment requiring students to comment on social aspects or formal aspects of image; or to formally critique them.

American Studies Electronic Crossroads

by jlesage
large American Studies web portal, organized into Communities | Curriculum | Technology & Learning | Reference & Research

The Dead - Billy Collins Animated Poem

by jlesage
video by Juan Delcan; model for students about good uses of new form of production and exhibition

October 2006

Teaching Writing in the Space of Blackboard

by jlesage
Since many teachers use Blackboard, this is useful to them in analyzing how students negotiate aspects of that site and its technologies.

July 2006

Space Time Travel - Relativity Visualized

by jlesage
Online papers, images, movies and paper models of the theory of relativity

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