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June 2008


by rmaltete & 5 others
Sous-titres - Téléchargez des sous-titres DivX depuis la plus grosse base de données

May 2008

April 2008

Accessibility: FLVPlayback skins with Captionate captioning support

by julie (via)

Providing captions in Flash just got easier. Adobe is making skins for the FLVPlayback component available for use. The skins were crated by Michael Jordan and are being provided by Adobe for developers to use.

Captionate - Downloads

by julie

Rich Media Project XML Export Library is a plug-in for Captionate that adds support for exporting caption data in a format compatible with Rich Media Project players.

March 2008

NCAM/CC for Flash

by julie & 1 other

NCAM has developed a Flash component that can be used to display captions of Flash video and audio content. These captions are stored in external files formatted in the W3C's DFXP format which can be created with MAGpie, NCAM's free captioning application. CC for Flash can also display captions saved in Apple's QTtext format. QTtext files can be created by professional caption authoring tools, with MAGpie or with CaptionKeeper, NCAM's line-21 caption-conversion tool.

February 2008

January 2008

December 2007

November 2007

Video accessible sur le web et sous-titrage » SlideShare

by julie & 1 other
Video accessible sur le web et sous-titrage - jlcarves Quelle technologie, quels outils et quels processus "industriels" pour le sous-titrage des vidéos sur le Web.

October 2007


by anbll & 1 other
Site pas mal pour trouver les sous titres de films étrangers

September 2007


by gregg & 11 others
Search for subtitles to your favorite coded(divx/xvid) movie. We have a collection of more than 96289 subtitles.

August 2007


by gregg & 14 others
- la plus grosse base de données de sous-titres multilingue - pas nécéssaire de s'enregistrer pour télécharger les sous-titre

July 2007

June 2007

April 2007

by gregg & 4 others
Sous-titres de séries.

March 2007

by gregg & 16 others
Sous-titres de séries TV

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