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December 2005

November 2005

Wild Magic Game Engine

by nachilau
Wild Magic Game Engine - Contains the source code of the Wild magic game engine and a lot of article related to game engine development

SimpleBits | Publications › SimpleQuiz

by Mogore & 4 others
choisir et utiliser les bonnes balises HTML / XHTML


by Mogore
tips PHP, programmation et geekeries

October 2005

Codase - Source Code Search Engine

by matthewchen
Search Java, C, C#, C++ and other language source code samples. Very Cool.

20 CSS Tips and tricks

by Mogore
des liens vers des astuces de feuille de style, un bouquet

September 2005

August 2005

June 2005

Positron's Delphi Page

by bogboy1978
Delphi source code for various trojan related uses. Also has some full worm codes too.


by bogboy1978
Delphi source code snippets for use when making a trojan.

April 2005

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