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March 2007

Extremely Simple Capture API 2.1.

by nachilau
A simple video cam capture API. the website also contains a lot of useful source code.

September 2006

Feeling Software

by nachilau
Open Source COLLADA plug-in and reader

Code Snippets .Net

by nachilau & 1 other
Contains a database of source code in .Net

August 2006

A good example for implementing a 4x4 matrix inverse function

by nachilau
A soruce code from intel about implementing a 4x4 matrix inverse function. It actually works!

July 2006


by nachilau & 65 others
A search engine which allow us to search source code. Seem quite useful.

March 2006

Fast Binary Tree operation

by nachilau
Contains the source code of BSTree and RedBlack Tree

Sorting Algorithms

by nachilau & 3 others
Contains source code of different sorting algorithms

November 2005

Wild Magic Game Engine

by nachilau
Wild Magic Game Engine - Contains the source code of the Wild magic game engine and a lot of article related to game engine development

October 2005


by nachilau
An open source, cross-platform native UI framework

Code Post - Coding with style

by nachilau & 1 other
CodePost is a website where developers can share and discuss their creations. The website contains usefull code snippets, fun code to laugh at, images from peoples creations, and developer desktops

September 2005

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