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USMA, a clock without a face

by 4004
USMA, a clock without a face by studio Cabracega and designer André Gonçalves.


One in 8 Million - New York Characters in Sound and Images - The New York Times

by HK
Nous vous parlions il y a deux semaines de l’initiatives de deux jeunes journalistes qui réalisent un webdocumentaire sur les “monsieur tout le monde parisiens” (interview à venir bientôt sur le site). C’est au tour du New-York Times de publier un joli webdocumentaire (commencée il y a tout de même deux ans) décrivant les “gens ordinaires qui racontent des histoires extraordinaires” : la mère adolescente, la paparazzi, le vétéran d’Irak, le juré qui dit 200 fois par jour “bonjour”… Le tout est composé de 54 petits diaporamas sonores en noir et blanc, très bien travaillés que vous pouvez regarder dans l’ordre que vous voulez (interactivité oblige…).


Andaman Rising: Raising Burmese

by HK
Raising Burmese School is important to Toe Toe's mother. So Rose keeps the 9-year-old’s hair cut and helps with homework. At the first sign of fever, Rose’s hand is the one reaching for Toe Toe's forehead. Yet, Rose is not Toe Toe’s mother. Rose is a teacher at one of the few schools for Burmese children in Thailand. Two years ago, she and her husband welcomed Toe Toe and her brother into their one-room home. The biological parents – old acquaintances from Myanmar – live 1.5 hours away on a rubber plantation with little time to meet the children’s simple needs such as supervision. There is also no school nearby. Through two couples’ sacrifice, two Burmese children now face a brighter future in a foreign land.


Infilta - Web, branding and print solutions.

by oqdbpo
Infilta is a creative agency offering small and medium businesses design solutons for their web, branding and print communications with their target markets, partners and investors. Visual communications with your environment is extremely important in the age of High Definition, true color and 3D sound technologies. At the other hand, people in our age are overwhelmed by the amounts of information. Simplicity and value is the key to be heard, to be understood. and to build brand loyalty. We offer simple and effective solutions such as corporate web sites, corporate identity and print materials.

sound supporting and non resonance blocks

by 4004
sound supporting and non resonance blocks shaped for hi end audio /made from several kinds of recovered waste woods

Freefarm, Hello

by oqdbpo & 3 others
Sound Design & Music




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