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January 2007

December 2006

November 2006

BlackmusicLovers -

by june76 & 2 others
Audioblog hip hop, electro,jazz, soul

October 2006

by marco & 1 other
Deep Sweet Slices of pure Jazz, Hip-Hop, Funk & Soul

LyricsEMOTION - The Place where your find International Song Texts

by dragoburaggo
Large collection of International Lyrics - song texts - organized by artists alphabetically. Search engine included. Over 625 000 songs!

September 2006


by gforce414
So You've Decided to Shake What Your Mama Gave Ya: all the old and new school hip hop, funk, soul, and disco resources you need for a successful rump shaking

hiphop violence dot com

by june76
making a positive difference, fighting the nagative aspects of hiphop with asking critical questions such as can you write a good rap lyric without profanity?, le site de la planète Nova : Radio Nova,, Novarecords -

by Dawa & 16 others
Au fil de son histoire, cette excellente radio parisienne a accompagné l'émergence de nombreux mouvements musicaux: le hip-hop, la "sono mondiale" (ou world music), les musiques électroniques, etc. Aujourd'hui, elle revendique sa programmation comme un "grand mix".

August 2006

The White Cat, Little Buddha

by preved (via)
The story of The White Cat, please, read it...

July 2006

The SOUL Logic Meta Programming tool

by hernan
SOUL is short for Smalltalk Open Unification Language. SOUL is an open, reflective logic programming language written in VisualWorks 7.x. The current implementation of SOUL also incorporates the ideas of another Logic Meta-Programming tool that was developed at the Programming Technology Lab (PROG)

June 2006

May 2006

80's Soul,Funk Info Web+Studio530

by rikaizm


by rikaizm

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