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by shadoko
Site pour les amoureux de musique FUNK DISCO SOUL.

SoulPancake | Chew On Life's Big Questions

by Sarcomical
founded in part by Rainn Wilson (a.k.a. Dwight from The Office), this site challenges us to participate in open, non-judgmental discussion about religion in order to get us back to actively thinking in today's world about what our spirituality means to us. - Only A Funky DJ Is A Good DJ » - Ur Source 4 rare Funk, Soul & RnB Music!

by simon de lorgeril (via)
Bonsoir Des mixes talentueux.Une radioN-F RADIO(NewFunk radio,eh oui!)Une bénédiction ce site!On respire à nouveau. Recommandé par FUNKETOUT:



by simon de lorgeril (via)
Disco et stars de la soul.RECOMMANDE par FUNKETOUT:

Bienvenue sur Radio-Jazz-International

by simon de lorgeril
Bonsoir Du jazz en provenance du monde entier et bien plus...De la soul,de la groove-music.Une radio qu'on a du mal à quitter!Même pour aller se coucher. RECOMMANDE par JAZZETAILLEURS:

ProjectVIBE Internet Radio - The SOUL of Internet Radio...

by simon de lorgeril
Bonsoir Néo soul,broken beat,lounge,groove.Il y a de la ressource et cette radio sait parfaitement l'exploiter. RECOMMANDE PAR JAZZETAILLEURS:

Funk, Soul, Jazz, Latin, Afrogrooves magazine :

by shadoko
En fait, c'est un "faux podcast" puisqu'on peut seulement écouter en ligne et non récupérer les morceaux pour les transférer sur un baladeur



by nougatine
Nedjma : Venez découvrir l'univers Hip-Hop, Nu-Soul & Electro-Jazz de Nedjma et écouter en avant première les morceaux de l'album "Elitricity Supply" sur

Valery Boston

by nougatine

Nude art - Pin Up Artistic Nude Drawing

by chernobylnews & 1 other
Nude art - Pin Up Artistic Nude Drawing artists who paint "pin-up". The main field of these artists is art (oil painting, acrylic, watercolor). However, their soul is so glamour, that they can not stay aside and pay much attention and creativity to nude art where they show all beauty of female and male nude body and all those feelings that make us feel excited and touch our heart. These pictures are called "nude pin-up". We call them "love in paintings" and "life in love". Perhaps, there is nothing more strong then erotic fantasies in each other's minds. However, artists are open and honest and they put their erotic fantasies on their pictures.

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