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by Xavier Lacot
FacetView is a pure javascript frontend for ElasticSearch or SOLR search indices.



elasticsearch - blog - Percolator

by Xavier Lacot
ElasticSearch's new "Percolator" feature, which enabled to index queries and find which documents match them : instead of sending docs, indexing them, and then running queries, one sends queries, registers them, and then sends docs and finds out which queries match that doc.


ElasticSearch - Open Source, Distributed, RESTful Search Engine

by Xavier Lacot
A distributed, highly available and restful search engine. It looks very promising and rather easy to deploy and have working. The killer feature : schema-less indexing (auto-discovery based on conventions). A serious concurrent to Solr ?

Scaling Lucene and Solr | Enterprise Search support for Apache Lucene and Solr by Lucid Imagination

by Xavier Lacot
An interesting article from Lucid Imagination employee Mark Miller about Scaling Solr. It gives a lot of good practices and tips on how to get the best out of one indexing machine, and explains how to use Solr built-in replication system.


Plugins | uvmcSolrSearchPlugin | symfony | Web PHP Framework

by Xavier Lacot
Symfony Solr search plugin, which binds the Solr indexation / removal / search to Symfony events, and thus easily brings Solr search into Symfony projects. The (de-)indexation process could however be improved by overriding the save/delete model methods.


Internationalization Support for ApacheSolr in Drupal | Development Seed

by claire_
With the new patches and a slight change to the search index schema, ApacheSolr will store the languages you choose with the i18n module. Then you can enable the Language Filter block to perform faceted searches based on language



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