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The solar panels of the future could be grown from bacteria - Quartz

by sbrothier
One day we could have conductive materials that grow, evolve, and self-repair. Researchers at MIT have taken the first steps to creating them. A new study (paywall) describes “living materials” that combine bacterial cells with nonliving materials that can conduct electricity and emit different colors of light. The study is just a proof-of-concept, but researchers say that future applications could include cheaper, more efficient solar panels and biosensors.




Total Surface Area Required to Fuel the World With Solar

by Xavier Lacot
A small essay for computing which area of the earth should be covered with solar panels for covering the whole needs of the humanity.


Solar - A short film by Ian Wharton & Edward Shires

by sbrothier
Solar is a short animated film by graduate creatives Ian Wharton and Edward Shires. A tale of the sun, moon and two characters who inhabit a planet that relies on day and night perhaps more than it would seem.

Sunny side down (Economist)

by jeanruaud
(en) going solar is a luxury few can afford


HelioVolt - Solar Power. From the Ground Up - Home

by springnet
HelioVolt’s FASST™ technology produces high-performance solar thin-film with pioneering time and materials efficiencies. 10 to 100 times faster than current processes. 100 times thinner than traditional silicon.

Technology Review: Making Cheaper Solar Cells

by springnet
Powered by $77 million in new investment, startup Heliovolt, based in Austin, TX, will build a factory next year for mass-producing a new type of solar cell that could, in much of the United States, make solar electricity as cheap as electricity from the

Lighthousesolar: Contacts

by springnet
Lighthousesolar 2438 30th Street Boulder, Colorado 80301 (303) 638 4562


by mbonvin

Solar Lighting of Virginia, Inc

by wabaus
Solatube provider and installer for eastern Virginia.

Solio - Portable Hybrid Solar Charger

by springnet
cool flash app with photos that you can click on and expand... also a cool solar charger for your phone, ipod or laptop

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