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Kiwi - The customizable twitter client

by sbrothier
Kiwi likes to spend a lot of time on your desktop, so we made sure he would fit in. Choose a theme or build your own — it's easy.


The Archivist - Save and Export Twitter Searches Before They Go Away

by Spone
If you have used Twitter search before, you may notice that you can only go back a certain amount of time and/or number of tweets for a given search. In fact, if you read the Twitter search documentation, you'll note that the folks from Twitter say, "We also restrict the size of the search index by placing a date limit on the updates we allow you to search. This limit is currently around a month but is dynamic and subject to shrink as the number of tweets per day continues to grow."

Birdfeed - A very nice Twitter client for your iPhone

by sbrothier & 2 others
A very nice Twitter client for your iPhone * Clean, Simple Design. We love the iPhone too, so we made sure Birdfeed feels like it came with your phone. We're as proud of the things we left out as we are of the things we put in

WhereCloud – Products

by sbrothier & 1 other
Reportage is a radically different native Twitter client for your iPhone that provides a radio tuning environment into your Twitter social network. Reportage views a Twitter user as a broadcaster and each user's tweets as a specific broadcast. Similar to a real radio tuner, Reportage allows you to selectively tune into each broadcaster and visualize the conversation.


revou—MicroBlog 社会化平台程序

by thw416 is proud to announce the release of our first version of ReVou Micro Blogging software, a twitter clone script that allows you to start your own twitter and jaiku social networking site


Statz |

by simon_bricolo & 1 other
Statz lets you modify your status across several apps all at the same time, from a single interface.


by springnet
Put a sticky note on any webpage. Highlight some quote on a webpage. Automatically post them as your Twitter status (including the URL).

Twitterlicious at Ejecutive

by springnet & 1 other
Twitterlicious is a Windows application that makes using Twitter easier. It takes heavy inspiration from Twitterrific for OS X, but now in a Windows client!

Tweetr Betr 0.73 * now with URL shortening

by springnet & 2 others
Tweetr-r is cool: * Works on your Mac or PC (even Vista) * Shortens long url's via * Audio alert (can be turned off) * Add any "tweet" to your favorites Just click the little star * You can even resize the window.

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