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SPAM Filter Software

by hiphop
Whenever new mail arrives, it will automatically be tested.


by ascnetwork
All you need ot know about Spam

Mail Filtering - Introduction

by micah & 1 other
Or, how to block a few million spams per day without breaking a sweat.


Anti Spam Software Provider Targets the Spam Bull’s-Eye

by anti-spam
Securence is a leading internet filtering and email filtering service provider and they are helping control the onslaught of spam and viruses on your computer.

Anti Spam, Anti Virus & Web Filtering Solutions for Business and Consumers

by anti-spam
The company's unique solutions help protect companies and their employees by scanning email and eliminating threats, such as viruses, worms, malicious content and attachments, and other junk mail before reaching the end user.

Securence Anti Spam Software - Case Study: Pacesetter Claims Service

by anti-spam
According to Pacesetter IT Coordinator David Borg, more than 80% of their incoming email was a bombardment of spam. Pacesetter couldn't afford to have their employees wasting time sorting through these unwanted emails. They also didn't want to risk the possibility of inadvertently filtering out legitimate messages. They needed a highly effective, highly accurate solution to their spam problem.

Zotob worm linked to credit card fraud ring

by anti-spam
CNET has an interesting article about linking the recent Zotob worm to organized crime

New Anti Spam and Anti Virus Solutions in a Box from Securence : ArriveNet Press Releases : Technology

by anti-spam
Securence now Offers SecurenceMail as an Onsite Spam Filtering and Antivirus Appliance to Organizations with Strict Email Filtering Environment and Policies


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