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January 2006

Codespeak Home

by macroron & 1 other
the codespeak project currently hosts the following free/open source software projects. pypy which aims to implement the Python language completely in Python itself. kupu, a feature-rich, JavaScript client-side WYSIWIG editor. +++

PyPy: Documents

by macroron
The PyPy project aims at producing a flexible and fast Python implementation. The guiding idea is to translate a Python-level description of the Python language itself to lower level languages. Rumors have it that the secret goal is being faster-than-C wh

December 2005

October 2005

Smalltalk/X Overview

by macroron
a complete implementation of the Smalltalk programming language and development environment.

squeak enhancements

by macroron
a list of software enhancements and fixes I have written for squeak.

September 2005

Gwydion Dylan - for linux and freebsd

by macroron
an advanced dynamic object-oriented programming language - carnegie mellon university's gwydion dylan compiler

August 2005


by macroron
'software art' projects - focusing on and comparing the 'back end' of the code that drives the artwork's 'front end' - visuals or a more abstract communication process - coded in a language of their choice.

July 2005

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