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Force Low Quality Flash for Greasemonkey

by Aspo (via)
Make flash playable on older computers with firefox and greasemonkey script!

Jiffy Firefox Extension - Documentation

by piouPiouM & 3 others
The Jiffy Firefox Extension adds an additional panel to Firebug that provides a visual view of the Javascript time measurements captured by Jiffy-Web.


Google Docs Bar - Companion for Firefox

by claire_ & 1 other
gDocsBar is a sidebar extension for firefox, a perfect companion for Google® Docs. With gDocsBar, you can drag and drop multiple files into the sidebar to upload documents.

:: SiteBar :: What is SiteBar?

by camel
* What is SiteBar? * Screenshot Tour * Getting Started * Services and Prices * Get Involved! * Server Software * Contact Us Ads by TLA * bookmark manager * $100 in FREE Links * Home * » * What is SiteBar? What is SiteBar? Why SiteBar? SiteBar is a solution for people who use multiple browsers or computers and want to have their bookmarks available from anywhere without need to synchronize them or take them along. The bookmarks are stored on a server - this could be: * a SiteBar server run by its authors (you don't need to install SiteBar software - just sign up our service); * another public server running our SiteBar software; * your own server running our free SiteBar software. Integration with Many Browsers The bookmarks are displayable/modifiable in almost any standards compliant browser. SiteBar is a ready to use Internet Explorer Favorites Manager, Firefox Bookmark Manager, Mozilla Bookmark Manager, Opera Bookmark Manager and more ... Bookmark Import and Bookmark Export for Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla/Netscape, Opera, XBEL, RSS, Atom, OPML, RDF, ...


by kasi77 & 4 others
Firecookie is a an extension for Firebug that makes possible to view and manage cookies in your browser. Apart from all the other cookie managers and viewers available as Firefox extensions, this one is made as an extension for Firebug, so web developer has the functionality accessible within familiar Firebug’s UI.

Linkwad :: Firefox Add-ons

by springnet
Linkwad lets you save and restore tabbed browsing sessions called wads. Wads can be shared and accessed from any computer. You can also share your "wads".

Correo |

by simon_bricolo
Correo, a new open-source mail client for Mac OS X. Correo blends technology from two popular Mozilla projects, Camino and Thunderbird, to create a polished native Macintosh application.


Optimized Firefox for G4, G5, and Intel Macs: BeatnikPad Journal

by ycc2106
Firefox name and icon are trademarked and cannot be used with non-official builds.

Firefoxy - Firefox fancy widget applicator

by ycc2106
This app replaces Firefox's text buttons ("Submit," "Cancel," etc.), text input fields, radio buttons, checkboxes, pull-down lists...and make them more "Mac like"

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