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by Xavier Lacot & 3 others
A Web-oriented source code editor, for the Web professionnals. Created by Adobe, it is developped as an Open-Source project.


Sublime Text: The text editor you'll fall in love with

by Xavier Lacot & 3 others
"Sublime Text is a sophisticated text editor for code, html and prose". Maybe a replacement to Textmate ?



by Spone
Kod is a programmers' editor for OS X.


by Xavier Lacot & 2 others
Redcar is a GPL text editor written in jruby, which is able to run Textmate bundles

RapidWeaver 4 - Powerful Web Design Software for Mac OS X

by simon_bricolo & 3 others
RapidWeaver is a powerful web design application for Mac OS X. It's based on web standard code and can publish to any FTP server or .Mac / MobileMe


RichFLV – Apollo FLV Editing Tool : Richapps

by ycc2106
RichFlv can: * Read flv Metadata * read/edit/modify/delete cuepoints * cut flvs * convert the sound of the flv to mp3 * convert flv to swf

RichFLV - Adobe Marketplace

by ycc2106
RichFLV let`s you edit flv files. Some of the features are: * Read flv Metadata * read/edit/modify/delete cuepoints * cut flvs * convert the sound of the flv to mp3 * convert flv to swf * change sound of flv files

Panic - Coda - One-Window Web Development for Mac OS X

by ycc2106
So, we code web sites by hand. And one day, it hit us: our web workflow was wonky. We’d have our text editor open, with Transmit open to save files to the server. We’d be previewing in Safari, adjusting SQL in a Terminal, using a CSS editor and reading references on the web. “This could be easier,” we declared. “And much cooler.”

Main Page - Avogadro

by ycc2106
Avogadro is an advanced molecular editor designed for cross-platform use in computational chemistry, molecular modeling, bioinformatics, materials science, and related areas. It offers flexible rendering and a powerful plugin architecture. * Cross-Platform: Molecular builder/editor for Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X.

JetBrains RubyMine :: Ruby on Rails IDE

by ycc2106
RubyMine brings the whole range of essential developers tools, debugger, HTML, CSS and JavaScript editing support, code completion, code snippets and automatic refactorings


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