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December 2008

ReadWriteWeb > Gmail Preferred By Students, But Nothing Beats Texting (en)

by CharlesNepote
Quelques chiffres statistiques issus de plusieurs études sur les outils de communication des étudiants du lycée et de l'enseignement supérieur. Le SMS continue de régner en maître.

March 2008

The Second Self - Computers and the Human Spirit, Twentieth Anniversary

by dpansu
Edition The MIT Press Part I: Growing Up with Computers: The Animation of the Machine 1 Child Philosophers: Are Smart Machines Alive? 33 2 Video Games and Computer Holding Power 65 3 Child Programmers: The First Generation 91 4 Adolescence and Identity: Finding Yourself in the Machine 131 Part II: The New Computer Cultures: The Mechanization of the Mind 5 Personal Computers with Personal Meanings 155 6 Hackers: Loving the Machine for Itself 183 7 The New Philosophers of Artificial Intelligence: A Culture with Global Aspirations 219 Part III: Into a New Age 8 Thinking of Yourself as a Machine 247 9 The Human Spirit in a Computer Culture 279 Epilogue (2004): Changing the Subject and Finding the Object 287 Appendixes A On Method: A Sociology of Sciences of Mind 303 B Children's Psychological Discourse: Methods and Data Summary 313

October 2007

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