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Push My Follow » A podcast about social media and other things

by springnet
@pushmyfollow Michael Gaines @istarman - Joe Cascio @joec0914 - Eric Rice @spin - Christine Cavalier @purplecar - Sarah Vela @orchid8 - Ann Boccio @banannie7 podcast about twitter and socialnets ... recommended


» A propos La Voix du Savoir

by zagtag
“La Voix Du Savoir” est un projet dont la mission est de vocaliser des contenus textes libres dont ceux de la plus grande encyclopédie collaborative mondiale : Wikipedia.


map2tag create and share your map. Tag and bookmark the world

by haderach88 & 3 others
Create you map. Share you cool places, tag and bookmark your favorite places, add flickr images and youtube videos. With map2tag you can integrate rss, podcast, flickr images, youtube video in your flag. You share your flags, post comments, send mail to other users

Entertainment for Windows Mobile devices

by apotek (via)
Enjoy thousands of mobile media channels: Blogs, News, Radio, Music and Video Podcasts on your Windows Mobile device. Hubdog combines a streamlined RSS reader/aggregator, podcast player, a unique search engine, and channels that can be shared among community members and synced with Internet Explorer and Firefox desktop web browsers. Play, find, share, publish, discover, and enjoy fresh infotainment & entertainment content across unlimited media channels accessible wherever you go either online or offline !

BlogMatrix - Welcome (-)

by ycc2106
BlogMatrix provides an easy-to-use web-based solution for audio and video podcasting.

Welcome To Grouper

by slogoo & 25 others
无缝导入,编辑和共享你的视频文件的平台. v2.0的Grouper, 只适用于Windows系统, 要求下载一个客户端, 可以无限量上传图片和视频文件, 任何内容可以被设置成公开, 私密或对特定人群开放. 内容发布


by slogoo
Waxxi该网站的概念很新: 用户可以致电播客的主办方, 以互动的加入到播客节目中来. - The Social Music Revolution

by slogoo & 177 others
last.fm使用了tagging等一些SN的元素, 但是用户需要下载后方能欣赏音乐.

Big in Japan: Web 2.0 Toolbox

by ycc2106 & 3 others
Loom large with our simple toolkit. Host and create podcasts in a whole new way, manage multiple feeds, make your URL's work harder, keep your reading lists safe, make your feeds available via mail, IM & SMS, convert email into RSS and much, much more. Mix it up. Mash it up. You, too, can be big in Japan.

pulverati | home

by ycc2106 & 1 other
pulverati is a new web tool that keeps track of the greater IP Community. Create private or public watchlists, supports podcasts


by hchicha & 113 others
Telecharger les videos le plus simplement du monde.from video Google, Youtube, iFilm, Putfile, Metacafe, DailyMotion.... etc etc

Podbasket - the easy way to build podcasts

by ycc2106 & 3 others
Podbasket allows you to create your own podcast feed just by providing the URLs for offsite audio files.

podOmatic Podcast Portal: Make it, get it, go!

by ycc2106 & 3 others
Create, find, send podcasts. Use podMail to send mp3s and video to anyone.

Slidestory Home

by ycc2106 & 1 other
Take whats great about sharing high resolution pictures and podcasting on the web and what do you get? Slidestory. Slidestory is a new and exciting way to share photos and narrate in your own voice, lending a more personal flair to picture sharing and podcasting.


by ycc2106 & 14 others
Loomia is a search engine which utilized users collective intelligence by providing discovery services. Loomia crawls all the blogs for audio and video files and letting users to tag the content they like.

by ycc2106
CrossPod's a service to host your podcast promos (short audio clips).

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