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November 2007

September 2007


by ycc2106
As renowned researcher Linda Stone points out, we “desire to be a LIVE node on the network….To be busy, to be connected, is to be alive, to be recognized, and to matter.” NOSO allows us to temporarily turn those connections off, but with a twist

September 2006


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June 2006

May 2006 - The first stock exchange on headline news

by ycc2106
On, you can bet on the popularity of politicians, sporting teams or events, ideas, stars, natural catastrophies, etc., in fact on any word that makes the headlines. The words are rated according to the number of times they appear in 3000 anglo

March 2006


by ycc2106
The community blog Roundtuit takes a similar idea and asks people to submit their unwanted ideas to them.

Instructables: step-by-step collaboration

by ycc2106 & 76 others
ideas, crafts, howtos... online community<br>

User:Dria/On Tagging -

by ycc2106 & 8 others
I was thinking about bookmarks the other night and about how much they suck and about how much I hate them.

February 2006

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