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August 2006

August 2005

March 2005 API Documentation

by François Hodierne's open API currently supports a RESTful interface, that essentially means you can send an HTTP GET or POST to call exposed methods, and you'll get back an XML document in return.

Flitter v1.1

by François Hodierne & 1 other
Compile a page about artists or books. Links from, photos from flickr, items from amazon, posts from feedster, related artists from audioscrobbler etc ...


by François Hodierne & 3 others
Tons of social software hacks. Web hacking, web remixing, experiments, etc ...

Getting started with web services

by François Hodierne
With Yahoo announcing some pretty cool web services today, it’s a good time to mention that we’re also in the process of adding some super simple web services to 43 Things pretty soon. We're hoping to debut at the Emerging Technology Conference

February 2005

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