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Post Apocalypse - TIME

by tehu (via)
The Web needs commenters. But are they ruining the Net faster than they can save it?


Twitter-ing in the Enterprise - are we kidding?

by dhiraj & 1 other (via)
Does the enterprise need another communication tool that lets them publish what they are doing at a given time to people / peers who would be interested in knowing?


Video You'll Make The A List - 1938media

by tehu, 2 comments
acteur raté, père indigne, autoproclamé chroniqueur bouffon des "social networks" // curieux de savoir comment il va finir...

Elsewhere I'm: Relationship Update Stream

by tehu (via)
Basiquement : un flux continu d'Atom avec une extension maison décrivant des liaisons "sociales" (du XFN encapsulé). FOAF est toujours orphelin.

PHPizabi - Create Worlds

by mbertier
PHPizabi is a feature rich social networking platform that integrates everything you need to jumpstart your community, dating site, or social networking portal right out of the box. PHPizabi is one of the most reliable, safe, and solid platforms on the market, offering your users features they could only dream of.

Omnium Open - Trac

by mbertier
Omnium® Software provides a web-based interface, designed specifically to encourage the formation of professional, educational and public online communities and networks. It is ideal for use within visual arts & design disciplines and for others that rely on a high level of visual content. It brings members together for discussion and dynamic interaction, independent of their physical locations.



by François Hodierne
Comment appliquer XMPP à un réseau social de musique. - Christophe Ducamp

by tehu & 1 other
Dernière étape connue (?) d'un routard de la blogo française.

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