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mTraks is a killer social music community and digital music marketplace. mTraks is FOR musical artists and their labels, promoting the equitable sale and distribution of their independently produced music throughout the entire universe. What a concept! mTraks is not a mega-corporation. No, in fact, we were founded by an independent punk record label owner; Dey Martin of Naked Jain Records. He saw a real need to combine a social network and digital music store for independent bands. So, he put together a group of brilliant computer geeks, that also happen to be rabid music lovers, and together they are on a mission to shake things up a bit. We firmly believe that DRM (digital rights management) is a hindrance to the music consumer. So you won’t find any DRM music on mTraks. We also believe that if music lovers can purchase music without DRM and at a fair and reasonable price, that they won’t be inclined to use illegal P2P websites. Our catalog has grown to include 750,000 top independent songs from over from 6,000 record labels – and we're adding to that every day. Come on in and look around and listen. You'll really dig what we've got lined up for you.

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