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BuzzLogic: The Science of Influence

by cyberien & 2 others
Influence moves markets. It’s a basic tenet of marketing. But until now, it’s been impossible to understand influence -- and who wields it -- within specific conversations taking place in social media. BuzzLogic changes this dynamic by uniquely defining and measuring influence in social media, and by surfacing the key influencers who are shaping and defining markets, issues and reputations. Through the lens of influence, BuzzLogic provides a means for marketing and communications practitioners to engage with social media in order to manage their brands, reputations, products and customer relationships. As a result, the confusion that has characterized social media is replaced by clarity – marketers can make sense of the conversations they care about. And they can do something about them. At BuzzLogic, our mission is to apply the science of influence to the world of social media. This requires keen insight into dynamic conversational networks, a methodology premised on the idea that influence is in and of itself dynamic, and an ability to identify which participants in conversations are gaining or losing influence over time. This is very different than “blogger A-lists” or other imprecise measures that can identify only who is popular, but not who is influential. And it is very different from the brand monitoring and analysis services that can describe what a small sample of bloggers was thinking a few weeks ago, not what is happening right now. Only BuzzLogic brings both clarity and confidence to action in social media. BuzzLogic’s service enables brand and product marketing managers, corporate communications professionals, market researchers and customer service managers to actively monitor conversations that are taking place around their company, brand, products or competitors. They can quickly identify who the most influential participants of a conversation are. And they can engage with them to offer an alternative point of view, amplify key points or set the record straight. Once they are participants themselves in a conversation, they can then follow, track and understand the impact of their actions

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