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Ma.gnolia 'worst nightmare'

by François Hodierne

Early on the West-coast morning of Friday, January 30th, Ma.gnolia experienced every web service's worst nightmare: data corruption and loss. For Ma.gnolia, this means that the service is offline and members' bookmarks are unavailable, both through the website itself and the API. As I evaluate recovery options, I can't provide a certain timeline or prognosis as to to when or to what degree Ma.gnolia or your bookmarks will return; only that this process will take days, not hours.

Most importantly, I apologize to all of you who have made Ma.gnolia a home for your bookmarks and community. I know that many of you rely on Ma.gnolia in your day to day work and play to safely host you bookmarks, keeping them available around the clock, and that this is a difficult disruption.

C'est moche :-/



Ma.gnolia Roots

by srcmax & 1 other, 1 comment
Roots connects you with the Ma.gnolia community as you browse the web. It's an idea that's profoundly simple and pleasing to the eye: while you're looking at a website, click the Roots bookmarklet and see what the Ma.gnolia community thinks of that site.

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