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November 2006

The BEST Interactive Image Interfaces on the Web

by jwalk
A review of the best interactive Image based tools for Flickr, Amazon, Google Earth etc. that are available on the Internet. All tools have been tested and are online. More then 15 applications you must have a look at. Includes descriptions plus screen shots and the best interactive photo mosaics. Some have really outstanding effects.

Réseaux sociaux Desyr

by dyochris & 2 others
Créer votre réseau social ou simplement votre Web-ID. La Web-ID, c'est une carte d'identité du surfeur contenant ces scoop, bookmarks, photos et videos

June 2006

orkut scraps

by dhiraj (via)
Tools to make writing in orkut member scrapbooks easier. "orkut scraps seem to be new way for otherwise disconnected people to communicate, publicly. Judging by the way that tools are springing up for people to use orkut beyond orkut's primitive user interface features it looks like the orkut team is going to quickly have to look beyond it's immediate roadmap to figure out a whole new era of unforeseen activity load. I figure out and see how it's huge populace actually uses orkut, and what tools are available for power orkut users."

February 2006

December 2005

Welcome to LinkedIn

by LifeOnMars & 25 others
Social Network service. Business oriented.

November 2005

July 2005

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