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21 October 2006 — Connecting, Learning, Sharing.

by jackiege & 2 others
via eHUb.Online social networking space for mothers to leverage the collective wisdom of aggregated information-sharing.

20 October 2006

Colshare - for collectors, by collectors

by jackiege
via postbubble收藏硬币/篮球卡/书籍/海报/啤酒标签等社区

19 October 2006

11 October 2006

06 October 2006

ResellRescue - helping people find and resell tickets online.

by jackiege
via eHub.An application that helps people sell and find tickets online. Focused on making finding and selling tickets online a better experience 票务社区帮助用户在线搜索或贩卖票子


by jackiege & 6 others
# 基于知识管理(KM)方式的个人空间# 矩阵式工作台,简约式个人主页# 20M免费附件空间# 以主题为聚合点的新形态社区# 个人空间与社区的无缝结合# 开放的系统

17 September 2006

Friends For Families

by jackiege

16 September 2006 Where you can help predict the future of business

by jackiege
与CrowdIQ很像 via

by jackiege & 1 other
基于Poker游戏的社区via Techcrunch "Instead of paying cash for in game currency, users fill out market research surveys, browse Cost Per Action advertisements and refer other users."


by jackiege & 1 other
关于梦想的社区网站A "community dream blog" where you can store, sort, search and share your dream journal with others.

15 September 2006

10 September 2006


by jackiege图片分享网站并个性化网页制作 The Mobile Internet Site

by jackiege
via mashable移动平台上搭建的SNS.网站仍然与一般网站一样,可以有个人页面/添加好友/上传照片/评论/收邮件,上传的视音频可以通过手机下载,同时也提供软件来修改档案和上传媒体文件

Chain Reading ~ Book tracking made easy

by jackiege
Let people know what you are reading, planning on reading, and recommend.Suggest books to your friends.Browse books recommended by others.Write book reviews to share your opinions.Keep track of books that your friends suggest.

09 September 2006

aNobii: (beta): Sign In

by jackiege & 2 others

05 September 2006

Squirl: A Site for Collectors

by jackiege & 4 others

03 September 2006

娜娜米米虚拟社区 | 免费交友,日记博客,网络相册,个人家园

by jackiege

02 September 2006

Prosper: The online marketplace for people-to-people lending

by jackiege & 6 others
via WangTam开放性社会化网络应用,用户之间可以直接借贷款项,可自由招贴需要款项金额/利率/用途,愿意借钱的用户可回复,最后选择一到数名债权人来完成借款.点对点借贷方案且还有相应的信用评


by jackiege & 1 other

发生网 - 什么正在发生...

by jackiege
via // 专注于社会事件,是一个可以轻松获取,简单共享,共同参与的社会事件平台

31 August 2006 - Share your digital life for free - photos, music, blog, faves and more!

by jackiege & 3 others
via WangTam/Uploaded audio files are placed in playlists called TuneFeeds that can be shared with others or played in your profile page. There’s a browser toolbar for adding URLs to your favorites list and otherwise working with your account from off si

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