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Meteor Slides | Josh Leuze

by simon_bricolo
This plugin makes it simple to manage a slideshow with WordPress by adding a custom post type for slides. The slideshow is powered by jQuery Cycle and has over twenty transition styles to choose from


WP-Cycle Plugin — Nathan Rice

by mozkart
The WP-Cycle plugin allows you to upload images from your computer, which will then be used to generate a jQuery Cycle Plugin slideshow of the images. Each image can also be given a URL which, when the image is active in the slideshow, will be used as an anchor wrapper around the image, turning the image into a link to the URL you specified. The slideshow is set to pause when the user hovers over the slideshow images, giving them ample time to click the link. Images can also be deleted via the plugins Administration page.

Manipulate images from WordPress post’s content with Regular Expressions » Matt Varone // Matt Varone

by mozkart (via)
A couple of months ago I got requested to deliver a website that would let the client publish online brochures. These brochures featured image slideshows with a description text, tags, categories etc. Many of us use WordPress not only as a blog platform but also as a multifaceted CMS. There are many features WordPress give that go beyond the blog format and that with the right adjustments and/or plugins, can be used to provide a complete solid solution. Thats why we choose to build this up on WordPress. At first I look around to see the wp plugins available but found that none of them suited the needs of this project. I wanted to keep this very simple and easy for the client, so the best solution I came up was to let client dump any image he wanted in the post’s content-box and deal with it later with regular expressions. This way I could manage the content and present it in a good looking slideshow I could style myself.


Carrousel ou Slideshow pour WordPress : Le plugin!

by niss
Un magnifique slideshow de 5 articles au choix pour votre blog WP, avec une légende.... Plutot que de long discours, je vous invite à aller voir la démo.

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