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November 2007

October 2007

Web2.0 Template

by springnet & 1 other
turns search results form google,, amazon, yahoo, etc into live running slideshow of websites that are "live" and browsable while the show is running.

Amazon Web Services Blog: Start-Up Project Customer Presentations Rock!

by greut

These presentations have a ton of "Lessons Learned" embedded within. Each presentation is filled with Best Practices, reference-architecture diagrams, approximate monthly bill they paid to Amazon, and some simply cool strategies. These are experiences from those who are running Amazon Web Services in Production.

with the audio.

lejoe’s notes » Barcamp Lausanne | My talk titled “When location meets the web”

by greut

A good presentation giving a good overview on what can be done with GPS and web… the future of localization

slides from Lausanne BarCamp (liip rocks)

September 2007

Oxford Geek Night 3 | 25th July 2007

by greut

Oxford Geek Nights offer a chance for web developers and designers in the local area to get together, share their skills and talk about new ideas, techniques and technologies.

nice presentations, fast and easy.

Diigo To Launch WebSlides At TechCrunch40

by springnet
The new widget is an embeddable player that presents feeds or bookmarks as live web pages in an interactive slideshow format, complete with the full content, pages, links, comments, and ads.

August 2007

php|tek Slides - Professional PHP

by mbertier & 1 other
* Writing Maintainable PHP Code * Dependency Injection * Exceptional PHP


by mbertier
The talk covers many different aspects in API design and contains examples of good practice and common mistakes. Many of the principles and guidelines discussed aren’t new, but you rarely see so many of them summarized.

Target Practice - A Workshop in Tuning MySQL Queries - Jay Pipes

by mbertier (via)
I gave a tutorial at OSCON last week on tuning MySQL queries, the EXPLAIN statement, the optimizer, and benchmarking. I've gone ahead and put the tutorial materials online now:

MySQL Performance Blog » Landscape of Transactional Storage Engines for MySQL

by mbertier (via)
talks about current state behavior and performance properties of Innodb, Falcon, PBXT and SolidDB Storage Engines

July 2007

June 2007

Web Standards for Skeptics

by greut & 1 other
“I don’t care about web standards. I care about readers, revenue, profit, ROI, SEO, fast pages, customers, costs, maintenance, development, scalability, flexibility, liability….”

@media 2007 » AlastairC

by greut
Notes from some sessions of @media 2007 in London.


by greut
Le Document-Driven Developpement (DDD)

May 2007

Premature Optimization » Zend_Search_Lucene talk slides

by mbertier & 2 others
I think that my main goal, which was to show how easy it is to start indexing existing content, was acheived and several people came to me and said they thing Zend_Search_Lucene is one killer component.