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VoIP by sipgate - Free phone service for your VoIP phone

by ycc2106
No monthly charges, no set up fees, no monthly minimum, yet includes landline features like three-way calling and conferencing.

Jumblo | Free calls

by ycc2106
phone call, sms PC > phone, phone > phone...are free depending on the coutry


Free Video Chat and Video Conferencing from ooVoo

by springnet & 9 others
ooVoo is the next evolution in online communication — a remarkably easy way to have a face-to-face video chat with friends, family or colleagues, no matter where they are in the world.


EQO Mobile |

by simon_bricolo & 8 others
Système de téléphonie par internet depuis un mobile - facture au tarif local pour communication internationnale

A Way to Lose the Headset and Still Make Cheap Skype Calls - New York Times

by springnet
Netgear’s Dual-Mode Cordless Phone with Skype — or the SPH200D for short — mixes plain old landline communications with cutting-edge Internet calling.


Gizmo – A free phone for your computer

by springnet & 6 others
simple internet phone, early versions bombed on my computer, maybe they have their act together now. A skype killer? They're trying to be.

First Skype WiFi Phone

by rotorblog
This is first phone who is made only to use with Skype calls. It works using WiFi technology and it means you can call only from places where WiFi is available. This phone is made by NETGEAR who is working on different network products and solutions.

JAJAH - web activated-telephony

by tangthon & 4 others

Skype telephone through the Internet no charge calls

by Luvoffice & 26 others
Skype is a little program for making free calls over the internet to anyone else who also has Skype. It’s free and easy to download and use, and works with most computers.


[ MVOX ]

by macroron
a high quality and portable USB speakerphone with DSP voice processing technologies. It is designed for Internet telephony applications such as Instant Messenger or Voice over IP Softphone (e.g. Skype, Vonage, or Webex). The miniVox is the Ideal communica

Gizmo – A free phone for your computer

by macroron & 6 others
uses your internet connection (broadband or dial-up) to make calls to other computers. With the click of a mouse, you’re connected to friends, family, and colleagues anywhere on earth. It’s just that simple. You talk clearly. For as long as you want.

US Robotics Releases New USB Phone

by teleclick
Modem and networking market leader, US Robotics, has announced the shipment of its new USB Internet Phone, the USR9600. This is the company’s first VoIP hardware release, and the beginning of a major line of such products.

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