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information sur la voix sur IP

by gny
Toute l'information sur la visioconférence, la VoIP , les solutions de streaming, le Wifi, les softphones, skype et les nouvelles technologies.

information sur la visioconférence

by gny
Toute l'information sur la visioconférence, la voix sur IP, les solutions de streaming, le Wifi et les nouvelles technologies.


Skype 3.0 Beta

by amanzi
Skype recently released their latest beta version to interested testers. This release brings a few exciting features as well as interface improvements that makes the Skype window a lot cleaner and easier to use.

'Skypecasts' coming to your blog soon - CNET

by plasticdreams
Skype co-founder says next version of Net phone product to give bloggers, others the ability to hold audio chats.

Skype - Skipe - Skyp - Free Skype Download

by ***
"They Laughed When I Told Them I Had The Top Skype Resources Online But When They Watched The Free Skype Videos They Were Blown Away..."

2803, le blog

by riri1310
Web 2.0 quelques explications


Skype Security Flaws Discovered

by teleclick
Skype has just issued security patches for two critical bugs involving their popular internet telephony software. The recently discovered bugs would have made it possible for hackers to run hostile code on computers running vulnerable versions of Skype.

US Robotics Releases New USB Phone

by teleclick
Modem and networking market leader, US Robotics, has announced the shipment of its new USB Internet Phone, the USR9600. This is the company’s first VoIP hardware release, and the beginning of a major line of such products.

eBay Removes Skype Brand Name From Buttons

by teleclick
It appears that eBay has been making some questionable decisions regarding the future of the Skype internet telephony service, which they purchased last month for over $2 billion.

Skype to Better Connect eBay Buyers and Sellers

by teleclick
Ever since eBay signed the $2.6+ billion agreement to purchase Skype, people have been wondering why they were willing to pay so much for a service, which is essentially free.

New Skype Software Version Released

by teleclick
Skype has recently launched the latest version of its popular VoIP software for Windows. Some of Version 1.4’s most notable new features include call forwarding and support for customized ringtones.

UK Start-Up to Launch Internet Telephony Service

by teleclick
The British telecommunications start-up, Timico is planning to launch a Skype-style internet telephony service, for business users.

skype - home

by macroron & 1 other
the whole world can talk for free.

Skype Makes Deal with Mobile Phone Carrier

by teleclick
The new deal will allow E-Plus’s 9.8 million customers to bundle unlimited Skype VoIP service with their wireless web subscriptions.

Google Launches VoIP/Instant Messaging Service

by teleclick
As of last night, Google Talk is the newest player in this growing industry and a formidable competitor to the currently dominant Skype service.

Skype Portal - Jyve

by Hydragon & 13 others
Jyve is a free community built around the use of Voice communication (Skype). It is a central meeting place for Skype users that provides a number of features to enhance the experience and entice conversations and discussion between members.

Skype Fr

by litteral & 4 others
Un logiciel permettant de discuter avec ses amis, que ce soit en clavardant (gratuitement) ou en parlant (dans ce cas, c'est à un coût moins élevé que celui du téléphone).

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