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January 2007

information sur la voix sur IP

by gny
Toute l'information sur la visioconférence, la VoIP , les solutions de streaming, le Wifi, les softphones, skype et les nouvelles technologies.

November 2006

about syncVUE

by cyberien
syncVUE makes the review and approval process easier than ever before. Multiple people can simultaneously view and annotate local copies of the same media files in perfect sync from different locations - whether separated by cubicles, city blocks, or continents. How does it work? It's simple. syncVUE is an extremely clever media player that plugs into SKYPE, the most popular VOIP (voice-over-internet-protocol) conferencing software available today. Simply download SKYPE (it's free), sign up for an account and you're ready. syncVUE adopts your SKYPE "buddy list" as it's own, allowing you to collaborate with any other syncVUE user on the SKYPE network.

October 2006

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