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Ecamm Network: Call Recorder for Skype - Automatically Record Skype Calls On Your Mac

by springnet & 1 other
Finally, an easy way to record Skype calls and podcast interviews. Call Recorder is an add-on for Skype which automatically transforms your audio or video calls into QuickTime movies.


Wengo - achetez et vendez des services – Cours de langues, astrologie et voyance, conseils juridiques, cours de cuisine, rencontres

by arkandis & 9 others
nitialement positionné comme un outil de communication multi plateformes et multi protocoles, Wengo a rapidement pris un nouveau virage en se positionnant comme une plateforme de monétisation de l’expertise. Cet espace est déjà assez encombré avec




by François Hodierne
> Today we released Jingle, a set of XMPP extensions for negotiating peer-to-peer multimedia sessions between Jabber clients. The first session type is Jingle Audio, which will enable voice over IP (VoIP) on the Jabber network.

[ MVOX ]

by macroron
a high quality and portable USB speakerphone with DSP voice processing technologies. It is designed for Internet telephony applications such as Instant Messenger or Voice over IP Softphone (e.g. Skype, Vonage, or Webex). The miniVox is the Ideal communica

Gizmo – A free phone for your computer

by macroron & 6 others
uses your internet connection (broadband or dial-up) to make calls to other computers. With the click of a mouse, you’re connected to friends, family, and colleagues anywhere on earth. It’s just that simple. You talk clearly. For as long as you want.

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