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10 November 2006 07:00

Kanoodle - The Right Marketing Solution for Advertisers

by cyberien
The best time to reach consumers on the Web and interest them in what you have to offer is while they are already engaged in content like your own. Chances are, they'll want more and better choices along the same lines - and that's where your ad comes in. ContextTarget makes it possible. How Does It Work? Our unique topic-based approach provides better targeting to truly relevant Web content - and the highly responsive audience you'll find there. We've defined topics that cover just about every area of interest you can find on the Web - and every product and service you might offer. So, when someone is checking the latest stock quotes, that's when we show them your ad for trading software. You choose how much you want to spend each time a visitor clicks on your link. You'll also benefit from ClickFactor, our way of making sure all advertisers compete on a level playing field.

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