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Analyser la performance de son site Internet

by Giraultises & 5 others
GTmetrix est un service qui vous permettra d'optimiser le code de votre site Internet. Il vous permettra d'analyser les performance et la rapidité à laquelle votre site s'affiche (paramètre de plus en plus essentiel pour un bon référencement). En bref, un bon service à bookmarker.


PageTest Web Page Optimization and Performance Test

by loneseb
PageTest allows you to provide the URL of a webpage to be tested. The test will be conducted from the location specified and you will be provided a waterfall of your page load performance as well as a comparison against an optimization checklist.

Optimiser les performances d’un site web (Video HD) | Camille Roux

by camel
Quand on pense à l’optimisation du temps de chargement d’un site, on pense généralement à améliorer le temps de génération des pages sur le serveur web. Hors, ce temps ne représente que 10 à 20% du temps de rendu de la page. Il existe en revanche des techniques directement applicables ayant un réel impact sur les performances. C’est pour expliquer ces différentes techniques que j’ai décidé de participer pour la troisième fois en tant que conférencier aux Intellicore Tech Talks. Comme je l’annonçais il y a quelques jours, j’ai fait cette présentation avec Nicolas Chevallier, ingénieur Polytech’Nice-Sophia, consultant Astek et créateur de

Use htaccess to dramatically speed up your site! - PowWeb Community Forums

by camel
I was looking into speeding up my site.. specifically by using headers to specify custom cacheing.. Previously I was using php to send the necessary headers, but now I just have this in my /htdocs/.htaccess file.

Use Server Cache Control to Improve Performance - apache web server settings for optimized caching with configuration files

by camel & 3 others
Caching is the temporary storage of frequently accessed data in higher speed media (typically SRAM or RAM) for more efficient retrieval. Web caching stores frequently used objects closer to the client through browser, proxy, or server caches. By storing "fresh" objects closer to your users, you avoid round trips to the origin server, reducing bandwidth consumption, server load, and most importantly, latency. This article shows how to configure your Apache server for more efficient caching to save bandwidth and improve performance. Caching is not just for static sites, even dynamic sites can benefit from caching. Graphics and multimedia typically don't change as frequently as (X)HTML files. Graphics that seldom change like logos, headers, and navigation can be given longer expiration times while resources that change more frequently like XHTML and XML files can be given shorter expiration times. By designing your site with caching in mind, you can target different classes of resources to give them different expiration times with only a few lines of code.

Search Engine Metrics - Enquisite Search Marketing Performance and Ranking Reports

by camel
Enquisite produces increasingly granular reports on your website's activity in search engines. Working in conjunction with other web analytic tools, Enquisite provides information and metrics webmasters can't get anywhere else. Easy to read with flexible parameters and mapping, Enquisite search engine metrics give you the edge in the organic and PPC search markets. * = search engine ranking analysis and reports Search Engine Ranking Reports Graphic reporting on search traffic and ranking data down to city and zip/postal code * Know Your Customers' Queries Know Your Customers Keyword and traffic analysis to explain why and how site visitors access your business



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