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October 2007

Troubled Waters

by knann (via)
"Troubled Waters" is an authentic task dealing with different factors and how they change certain parameters in a river. Several of these parameters are dissolved oxygen, pH, nitrates, and fecal coliform bacteria. Students will be using the modeling tool STELLA. Students will run a river model, interpret graphs, and adjust a variable such as wind speed and sewage load to determine the effects on Dissolved oxygen levels.

September 2007

Our Jury System at Play

by knann
Our Jury System at Play The jury has reached a verdict! Justice by the People is a powerful new way to build your students’ language arts skills and understanding of civics. This national standards–based program, created by the Foundation of the American Board of Trial Advocates and Scholastic Inc., underscores the importance of the Sixth and Seventh Amendments to students in grades 5–8. This is an oustanding resource with all resources, including the interactive simulation, can be used online or downloaded.

December 2006

Con Con Simcon

by knann
In Simcon, you are in charge of writing a constitution for your country. You choose clauses about everything, from who is in charge and how often there are elections to whether the states have taxation powers. Then when you hit a button, Simcon considers all your choices and tells you what sort of government you've created, as well as how your country rates in terms of trade, wealth, freedom, stability and militarism. In Simcon, you can create a tolerant, open democracy, or a ruthless totalitarian dictatorship, or even a multiparty religious monarchy. It's entirely up to you whether your citizens live in prosperous freedom or miserable oppression and poverty.

November 2006

The Breathing Earth

by knann & 17 others
Online simulation showing the birth, death rates, and effects of carbon dioxide emissions by various countries. Great for classroom discussions.

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